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Courses Name Plumbing (PHE) (Regular)
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                            Plumbing PHE

I. Plumbing Systems As per NBC and UPC

            Fundamentals of Plumbing System 




                   Fixtures, Faucets and Fixture fittings

·      Wash Basin

·      Water Closet

·      Bidet

·      Bath Tub

·      Shower

·      Urinals

·      Kitchen Sink

·      Floor Drain

Design of Domestic Water Supply and Distribution System

Requirements of Water Supply System

Water Demand Calculations

Water Storage Calculations

·      Underground Sump(UGS) sizing

·      Elevated storage Reservoir(ESR) sizing

Internal Water Supply System

·      Direct Pumping System

·      Hydro-pneumatic system

·      Over Head tank distribution system

Design Procedure for Internal Water Supply System

Flow rate (q) & Loading Unit (z) – From Probability equation

Hazen Williams Formula for Head Loss Calculation

Internal Water Supply Pipe sizing calculations]

Pumping Calculations – HP/Watts

Number of tapping to be connected in Bigger Diameter Pipe

Material used in Internal water supply system

External Water Supply System

·      Number of Population served

·      Number of Fixtures served by Each Pipe

Design Procedure for External Water Supply System

External Water Supply Pipe Sizing Calculations

Material used in External water supply system

Water Supply Schematic Layout

Design of Sanitary Drainage System

Requirements of Sanitary Drainage System

Types of Sanitary Drainage Systems

·      Single stack system

·      Single stack (partially ventilated) system

·      One Pipe System

·      Two Pipe System

System requirement for Internal Sanitary Drainage System

Internal Sanitary Drainage Pipe Sizing Calculations

Design Procedure for External Sanitary Drainage System

External Sanitary Drainage Pipe Sizing Calculations

Calculation of Slope by Manning’s formula

Calculating Depth of Inspection Chamber/ Manholes

Sanitary Drainage Schematic Layout

Design of Storm Water Drainage System

Using Continuity Equation, Manning’s Formula and Rational Formula

Storm Water Drainage Pipe Sizing Calculations

Material used in Sanitary Drainage system

Introduction to the specialized PHE

Schematic Layout of Water Treatment Plants

Schematic Layout of Sewage Treatment Plants

Plumbing Drawings

II. Fire Fighting Systems

Fundamentals of Fire Protection System



Requirements of Fire Protection System

Fire extinguisher

         Hose Reel

         Dry Riser

         Wet Riser

         Down Comer

         Yard Hydrant

         Automatic Sprinkler system

Introduction to the Fire Detection Application

Design of Fire Protection Schematic Layouts and Pipe Sizing

Design of Fire Water Storage and Pumping Calculations

Two Live Project Works

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Bahsir Rahiman Mulla

Bahsir Rahiman Mulla ( 13-08-2014 )

I complete plumbing design . Thanks for faculty its excellent teaching

Parvinder singh

Parvinder singh ( 13-08-2014 )

The faculty have good knowledge in their field and woarking on many projects. So we are not face any problems during the working

Ninand A Bendale

Ninand A Bendale ( 18-10-2013 )

person is very kind and gentlemen knowledge is great in his field

Joji thomas

Joji thomas ( 24-07-2012 )

This course given me very good knowledge about Plumbing Design

Girish Chandra

Girish Chandra ( 24-07-2012 )

A meaningful course content.It helped me a lot

Kurshid hussain

Kurshid hussain ( 24-07-2012 )

Excellent teaching skills

Robert Cresswell

Robert Cresswell ( 24-07-2012 )

I like the course it was excellent

Biju T Mustafa

Biju T Mustafa ( 26-07-2010 )

Very good training

Amin Ahmed Mecci

Amin Ahmed Mecci ( 01-03-2010 )

Very useful &beneficial course. Very qualified, management & faculty cordial and helpful administration

mir zahid ali

mir zahid ali ( 13-12-2009 )

Explanation was good in my opinion; this is a best institute better then other institutions for MEP

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