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  1. Basic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

1.          Basics and Fundamentals of Air conditioning Systems

2.          Working Cycle for Air Conditioning Systems.

3.          Familiarization of Safety Procedures

4.          Identification of Tools & Equipments

5.          Care and Maintenance

6.          Identification of different types of :

a.       Compressor, Condensers,  Evaporators, Expansion Devises

b.       Filters,

c.       Use of thermometer

d.       Gauges( Compound & Pressure)

7.          Use of measuring instruments

8.          Test of Open & Short Circuit

9.          Identification of various electric motors

10.      Service & installation of Refrigerator & Air Conditioner, Bottle Cooler, Water Cooler.

  1. Installation, Repair & Maintenance of Refrigerator/Deep Freeze/Water Cooler

1.          Cutting , Flaring , Swaging and Brazing

2.          Practice measuring, Voltage, Current, Resistance

3.          Check resistance, Diode, Relay, thermostat, OLP etc.

4.          Refrigerator & deep freezer wiring practices

5.          Service of Refrigerator & deep freezer

6.          Trouble Shooting & Performance of Refrigerator/Deep freezer/Water Cooler

  1. Repair & Maintenance of Air Conditioners & Employability Skills Improving.

1.          Familiarization of Safety Procedures

2.          Identification of tools & equipments

3.          Practice measuring, Voltage, Current, Resistance

a.       Measure current, Potential difference, Resistance

b.       Check series of the compressor with the help of test lamp and Multi meter

4.          Test electrical components used in Air Conditioner

a.       Relay testing, Thermostat, timer, starting capacitor, running capacitor, over load protector, Fan capacitor, Fan / blower motor.

b.       Checking up of Compressor winding

5.          All the A/c. unit wiring

a.       PSC, CSC, Split Ac With remote & without Remote wiring

6.          Service of Window type air conditioner

a.       Fan/ Blower motor service

b.       Dismantling & assembling the unit

c.       Replacing of components

d.       Gas charging system

e.       Performance Testing

7.          Service of split type air conditioner

a.       Fan/ Blower motor service

b.       Appliance Assessing

c.       Unit Dismantling & assembling

d.       Replacing of components

e.       Gas charging system

f.        Performance Testing

8.          Trouble Shooting & performance of Air conditioner

9.          Units

a.       Fault finding in Window Ac/Split AC

b.       Fault finding in Remote window Ac

c.       Fault finding in Remote split Ac

d.      Air filter unit.

10.               Employability Skills Improving.

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Ashok Desai

Ashok Desai ( 11-09-2017 )

It will provide an good platform to start my career in AC Technician field.the faculty of dhanush is well experiencd and they will provide an more technical knowledge

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