Kiran Kishore

Kiran Kishore ( 11-12-2015 )

The best institute for electrical designing and drafting in India. Friends if you need to gain knowledge in electrical designing, these guys can help you for sure but the only thing you Dhanush management have to taken care is to include practical session along with your syllabus, then it will be good for both students and also for Dhanush team.

Naveen Kumar M N

Naveen Kumar M N ( 11-12-2015 )

Good institute for learning practical things in electrical field.

Mohtasim Ahmad

Mohtasim Ahmad ( 04-12-2015 )

Overall is good. But some practical approach is left like industry visit. We know all things but some time we can`t imagine that how industry work is goingon.

Ravi Kumar Singh

Ravi Kumar Singh ( 04-12-2015 )

The teaching here is awesome.. Specially the tutors are very friendly they take interest in order to clear our doubts and provide as much effort they can give to us. Also the mock interviews are very helpful for our better carriers specially those who are freshers.

Seemab Nadim

Seemab Nadim ( 04-12-2015 )

Good experience in class. Friendly climate of class.. cooperative teachers.

Tanzil Sabbar Akhter

Tanzil Sabbar Akhter ( 04-12-2015 )

Teaching environment is good. teacher are very supportive and helpful, makes the student to study all the topics and cover the whole syllabus.

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar ( 04-12-2015 )

Teacher is so good and technical good.

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar ( 04-12-2015 )

I really feel awesome in this institute. All the faculty members are so good. They are always ready to clear my all types of doubt. They provide me the answer all satisfactorily.

Khaidem Bisho

Khaidem Bisho ( 30-11-2015 )

Electrical design course is helpful and the faculties are cooperative.

Naresh Moka

Naresh Moka ( 30-11-2015 )

We got good communication and technical knowledge.


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