Santhosh ( 09-01-2017 )

Good faculty easy to learn subject and improve the knowledge and communication skills very will improved going for a job best way of choosing.


Rahul ( 09-01-2017 )

Teaching is good and way of communicating to students in different languages is also good.

Mohammed Waseem Ahmed

Mohammed Waseem Ahmed ( 09-01-2017 )

I suggest DHANSUH for HVAC course.I have done HVAC design and drafting course in this institute and the explanation was very good.By doing a live project we can gain real time experience.

Ferhan Rasool

Ferhan Rasool ( 09-01-2017 )

I have done HVAC design and drafting course here. All the concepts are explained very clearly and doing the project gives us more knowledge and experience

G Nanda Kishore

G Nanda Kishore ( 09-01-2017 )

I attended for HVAC designing and drafting course here, which was a good experience and they are good at technical presentation with highly experienced faculty.


Tanaji ( 09-01-2017 )

I am happy with dhanush institute where I completed my Hvac and now I`m confident to get a job than 4 yrs I studied in my btech.

G H Manjunath

G H Manjunath ( 09-01-2017 )

Its good to join HVAC, it has shown me a platform to start my career and the environment around me and faculty are really good. Their experience as let me the HVAC live project was going good. But for fresher point of view its a good platfrom to succeed in the rising career.

G.pradeep Kumar

G.pradeep Kumar ( 09-01-2017 )

I am so happy to join here because I learned a lot from this institute comparing with my education.communication between student and faculty is good.

Sk Musthafa

Sk Musthafa ( 06-01-2017 )

My Dhanush Tutorial is a very good help to me and the same time our facilities teaching is also good. I thank Dhanush.

Shahnawaz Akther

Shahnawaz Akther ( 06-01-2017 )

It is good institute for design field, faculty is very good.


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